Plain and simple: I love games. It's an illness, but there's nothing I can do about it. Time to embrace reality! Welcome, everyone, to my channel. My mission is to rekindle lost thoughts on video game franchises and characters, and to hopefully remind the people of the world about the gems that may have gone unnoticed.

I hope you'll join me on my adventure and help me to contribute. I'm always open to suggestions, even though I DO have a list of games I plan on doing.

On a final note: I have a very forced life outside of this (college and two jobs) so I may not always be able to respond ASAP, but I'll most certainly do what I can to get back to you.

Oh, and yes, you may or may not already know what my name is from. Don't worry, it's on my list ;)

Until then, I'm Ameranthene, and it's been a pleasure to serve you!