Hello, I'm Shawn, but you can call me GardeBlaze while you're here. I'm a Texan with a British/German accent that likes to upload videos a whole bunch since it's basically my hobby. I upload several different types of videos. The many focus points of my channel are:
Part 1: Vlog (once a month)
Part 2: Let's Plays (uploaded very often)
Part 3: Pokemon Battles (every so often)
Part 4: Bizarre Holidays (indefinite hiatus)
Part 5: Trains (no set schedule)
Part 6: Mario Kart Online Races (very rarely)
Part 7: Splatoon (once a month)
Plus whatever else I feel like uploading.

Yeah, they're mainly video games, but that's because I like playing them. There are other things like Harry Potter and Disney here too. Enjoy your time looking at my many videos.

Of note: Some of my videos are great, and some of them are bad. I'm only human after all. Not everything I do will be my best.

Channel icon made by my friend Kirby. You can see more of her work here: http://hinata-teh-lefty.deviantart.com/