Magical quest starring mickey mouse!

Tiny toon adventures: babs' big break!

Sly cooper & the thievius raccoonus!

Super mario land 2!

Mega man x!


Sonic the hedgehog!

Mega man the wily wars: wily tower!

Mario is missing!

Mega man 10!

Sonic lost world!

Luigi's mansion: dark moon!

Luigi's mansion!

Mega man 9!

Sonic 3 & knuckles!

Mega man & bass!

Mega man 8!

Sonic adventure 2!

Mega man 6!

Mega man 5!

Sonic generations!

Mega man 4!

Mega man 3!

Sonic colors!

Mega man 7!

Kirby's dreamland!

Mega man v!

Sonic adventure!

Legend of zelda: twilight princess!

Legend of zelda: the wind waker!

Legend of zelda: ocarina of time!

Legend of zelda: majora's mask!

Kirby super star!
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